by Stella Semaphore


GROUP GIFT- Latex liner, burgundyGROUP GIFT- Latex liner, burgundy

Just a little ol’ freebie! Join the group for this gift and all past gifts šŸ™‚

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Cheap Makeup- Cheekbone Contouring

Cheap Makeup-Cheekbone Contouring

Contouring is a method use by makeup artists to “sculpt” the face. Contouring is adding a darker tone makeup to skin (here, the cheekbones) to create a “false shadow” or the illusion of depth and definition.

Out now!

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Cheap Makeup- Latex Liner

Cheap Makeup- Latex Liner

New eyeliner out at Cheap Makeup! They’re called the “Latex Liners” and come in an array of different latex-y colours! Come check them out šŸ™‚


Cheap Makeup for The Seasons Hunt (last one ever!!)

halloween face paint, Autumn Seasons Hunt!

Cheap Makeup for The Seasons Hunt (Autumn!). Ā To celebrate I’ve made 3 va-va-voom face paints (tatoo layer makeup), free of course! Come search for the pumpkin! Oh and remember, this is the LAST Seasons hunt ever (seriously), so don’t miss out! ā¤

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Cheap Makeup-Catching Flies, toothy lipgloss!

Cheap Makeup-Catching Flies Lipgloss!

Out now at Cheap Makeup (new location below)

Cheap Makeup Mainstore @ Cupcake

Cheap Makeup- Cleavage Enhancers

Cheap Makeup-Cleavage Enhancers!
Cheap Makeup-Cleavage Enhancers!
Cheap Makeup-Cleavage Enhancers!

Hi! New at Cheap Makeup are some hand drawn Cleavage Enhancers! OOHH LA LA! There are six booby options, each one larger than the next. Keep in mind that I painted these using Anime girls as an example, lol, who have my favourite kind of boobs!

Now also, I should mention that the Mainstore has moved to Cupcake, since Albero closed down. Make sure to change your Lms :D!

Cheap Makeup on Cupcake

Cheap Makeup for the Skin and Shape Expo

Hi guys! In case you haven’t heard, the skin and shape expo opened today! YYAAAAYY new stuff!! There is new eye makeup from Cheap Makeup available, which is super cute and fun and has lashes painted on them (because nothing seems to look as good without lashes. Am I right?). Here is a photo and an LM to the fair!

brighter days eye makeup

Visit the fair!

Jazz Age eyemakeup with brows

1920's glamour eye makeup

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Brigitte Bardot eye makeup and lipgloss for Fifty Linden Friday. Available at Alphavillain along with two otherĀ collaborativeĀ items.

Get it now! Taking it down soonish.

Cheap Makeup Winter Items

snows hadow
tinsle lashes
snow tears

Some new wintery items from CHEAP MAKEUP at the Albero Dollar Fair! <3!

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